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A mama, wife, and founder/ CEO of Cookie Society. 

Hey, I'm Marissa Allen

Marissa Allen is the co-founder of Cookie Society, a high volume, luxury bakery with multiple retail locations and a key position in the e-commerce gift space. In 2017, Marissa, a stay-at-home mom and food blogger, became obsessed with creating the perfect cookie recipe. With the support of her husband, former NFL player, Jeff Allen, that dogged determination led to the establishment of Cookie Society. 

Marissa's background in marketing and branding coupled with her work ethic and athletic background have been key to her success. Marissa is a former collegiate athlete, finishing her athletic career with the Fighting Illini Women’s Soccer team at the University of Illinois. 

In addition to working with her husband to grow and nurture Cookie Society, Marissa is also passionate about raising her children, photography and feeding her family and friends. 

Marissa is passionate about speaking to other business leaders, specifically women, about their potential influence and unique contribution to entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker  


Marissa has been featured in a multitude of print publications as well as had appearances on many top tv programs including but not limited to: 


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